How do you add points when either team captures a flag in CTF maps? (Resolved)

I’ve tried doing this multiple times by myself in my CTF map, and it’s not working. The only thing I could use was a term in the map options called “tracked item”. Can somebody help me put points for flag captures for either team?

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I’m also trying to find out when you go back to your area with somebody’s flag, it gets back in the flag zone of somebody’s area you captured, but it gives the team who captured the flag a point.

@AdvancedHelper0000 helped me with this he said" Hello, you will need to have a property device and a counter. Channel the flag zone to the counter (when the player captures the flag —> increment counter (IMPORTANT: Make sure the counter’s scope is set to TEAM, or this will not work! ) Then, on the counters “propertys” tab, select update property to whatever the property name is. Then, set the score to the property".


Thanks for the information!

Easiest way to do it:

Give the player a specific item when they capture the flag.
In settings, map options, and “score”, set the leaderboard to be scored by “tracked item”, and set it to track the item you chose to give the player capturing the flag. Then set the score name to “Captures” and make sure it’s scored by “team”.


but they could cheese it by dropping the item

Turn off dropping

yeah, but that could interfere with other game settings, like in ctf you have the ability to drop the flag