How do you add luck?

How can you add luck to your map?

Can you tell me more?

Are you talking about randomizers?

In block code, use the random integer block, and assign something to each number.

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I can’t show you a screenshot now. :frowning:

This is what I found. Hopefully it helps: How to make a Lucky Block/ Loot Box! [ 2/10 or 🟩 ]

At the beginning of the game, you could use relays and what @DragonFlagon872 said with properties to assign everyone a ‘luck’ number

Not properties. Block code.

Randomizers, but since you don’t have context, I’m gonna guess on knockout.

Use a knockout manager for on knockout.

You update the properties in block code…

I don’t think any of you understand this question. I’ll send a screenshot later.

Thank you I needed to find out for the Fortnite map i’m making so that the crates would work


Mark a solution if someone gave it.

Lower luck can be assumed with a random integer function of lower numbers like 1-4
Higher luck can be assumed with a random integer functions of higher numbers like 1-100
Both with 1 being the true value.

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