How do we spawn things randomly on the map

I will need to spawn multiple things together randomly

What do you want to spawn?
Could you please elaborate?

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I want to spawn like a prop where if u press a button, it will give you an item

Use a Button connected to an Item Granter and a Prop?

(Button) Button Pressed —> (Item Granter) Grant Item

(Button) Button Pressed —> (Prop) Show Prop

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but it needs to spawn randomly

anywhere on a map. Like it pops up anywhere on a map

Connect the Button to a Trigger and put this in the blockcode and make the channels show props around the map?

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like i cant put infinite props all over the map

No, the memory limit will run out.

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I need it to spawn randomly

That’s what the guide does.

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i need help using it. I dont get it

The randomizer will pick a random integer from _ to _ and if it’s a certain integer, it’ll spawn a prop randomly.
I suggest putting that on hold since it’s a bit complicated and to make more simpler systems.

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A randomiser which you do in block codes

Light mode💀


remember to stay on topic

Yea ik but… the light.

just use an item granter

he didnt specify if he is doing items

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