How do we make melee weapons

We might be able to do it with a damage modifier What should our next device be?

Couldn’t you just have a tag zone and a flag (to represent the weapon) and when taged you die?

You can suggest on:

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I mean like 20 damage for the tag zone

You could use a quantum portal. Apparently, (and I say this with great suspicion), quantum portals are so hard to hit anything with at any range other than point-blank that everyone uses them as melee weapons.

Easy. Set tag zone to don’t auto respawn. Have a health property. When tagged, set property to health - 20. If >= 0, broadcast respawn. Set health to (normal health). A force respawn detects the channel.


Well it is hard to hit if you’re against a person who knows what they’re doing. Quantum portal is basically as slow as a gim which makes it easy to dodge.
I personally use it not just for point blank but for around maybe 3 tiles away
The thing is though, when you get close and shoot, you need to back off really quickly or change weapons as quantum portal reloads every shot.
If you go against another quantum portal user try to shoot while they reload.


I am currently working on a system for this. Once I am done I wiill make a guideline!

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Yeah, honestly quantum portal is only good for reliably sniping a stationary thing like sentry or afk person

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If you can time it right/ have good prediction, you can land a hit or two against a moving person

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