How do I wire these?

I’m using this guide for an infection gamemode and it never explains how to wire the infection system.

wait so basically one vs the rest and then whoever gets knocked out gets switched to that team?

yes, i have everything set up too, but i don’t know how to wire the end game mechanic. I have the player counter set up, it’s just wiring the end game mechanic that wasn’t explained.

oh that confuses me too!
i cant end the game when all players are out

just want to elaborate that the player counter and the end game mechanic are two separate things. the entire player counter is completed, and all of the devices for the end game mechanic are ready, but the wiring is never explained.

Screenshot 2024-02-12 7.33.23 PM
as you can see i have all of the devices set up, i just dont know how to wire them.

question, are you trying to make, if knocked out (with gadget) makes the zombie?

yes, i had that system set up, but i’ve discarded the old system in favor of this new system that incorporates ending the game when all players are the “zombies” @Badkarma

I know how to do this. I have the entire system set up. All I’m wondering is how to wire this system based off the guide I linked.

use other guides @Coolcaden26

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alright then, i guess ill do that.

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