How do I use a key to open a gate console?

how to use a key to open a gate console


A vending machine that when item purchased then remove prop.

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wjhat did u js say???

Button on the gate console and when press a checker checks if the player has the keycard. If it does it will broadcast a signal to remove barriers or lasers

You place a vending machine and have it set the the key card you want and the amount of key cards needed. Make sure that is doesnot grant an item, so just select nothing. then place a barrier and have it wired to the vending machine, the wire should say “when purchased-deactivate barrier” and you place a green gate consal and have it wired to the vending machine so when purchased it spawns. Make sure the prop is not visable in game. And then place a orange gate consal over the green one and wire to the vending machine, have the wire despawn the prop when purchased. That is how you make a OWO gate.

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Yes, tis is accurate.
Use a vending machine.
Take a wire and wire it from the vending machine to barrier.
As Follows:
When item purchased → deactivate barrier.
Set the item required to keycard (or key)
Make sure that it transmits on a channel instead of Granting an item.

You can use a button too if he wants


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@dx7h we have multiple awnsers for you

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thats the thing are they all the same?

Yes, they are all basically the same

which one do I use to work it?

Any but mine uses a button.
So basically
Put a invisible button on the gate
When its pressed it transmit “signal”
A checker checks for “item” when “signal” is recieved
If check passes it send “signal2” to unlock a gate or lasers

lol bro do u know what your saying or I js dont know how to understand what ur even saying

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lol my bad I was doing school work and I got carried away

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