How do I teleport the host somewhere at the start of the game. (Cannot switch team)

I can’t have the host switch teams because I will have to put him back in the same team.

There is a special setting for players, host, or everyone. It is in the spawn pad

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yes but the host will also play. I cant put him on another team

I making red vs. blue so I cat just switch him back to a set team

No, it is a different setting.

where is it? Can you show me a picture?

hmmm, maybe a 50-50 chance of being on one team or is that what you’re not trying to do?

im not doing that because I need even teams

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I have that but I need him to go back to the team he was previouslt on

No, but a game host will be a player, if you trigger a setting.

WDYM by switch to previous team?

i think that’s only if the teams are predetermined

He never switched teams. It is only categorizing people

so when the game starts the host is on either team blue or red, then he teleports somewhere but now i need him to get back to the same team

But He never switched from blue to red, or vice versa

ohhhhh I see one sec let me try it out

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wait but it randomizes where he is at. I want him to spawn there and only there at game start.