How do I teleport the host somewhere at the start of the game. (Cannot switch team)

For that, mark one teleporter for just players, and one for just the host.

Have a relay linked to a teleporter. Game start → Teleport here. This will cause the host to teleport the teleporter on game start.

I dont want that to be there because then anyone can go in if they dont follow rules

Then mark the players for teams

maybe you can do the teleporter method and then when you want the host to go back to a team, make them press a button that is connected to a team switcher and a teleporter

i dont get what you mean. It doesn’t have an only host option

The relay only works for the host, not everyone else.

It says that i tworks for all players
Screenshot 2023-12-20 11.16.35 AM

Check this:
You can basically use this for the spawn pad

Yes but it randomizes between all three spawn pads.

I think ill change it up so that it could be any random player instead of just host. Thanks

Mark a solution! Not to yourself.

I did do that to the guy with fox profile

Bruh, you didn’t even try mine, for me that way works. :frowning:

i doesn’t work for me. I tried ur method. I have 2 teams and if i put another, it randomizes where host will spawn

Did you put for Players, and whatever team, but for the Game host one, any team?

Make the spawn pads so that only players can spawn there. Make the one you want the host to spawn at so only game host only.

yes i did exactly that

I want the host to be able to play as well.

Well then make a way for the host to enter the play area?