How do I send the tagger to a separate room for 15 seconds at the begining of the game?

I need help finding out how to send the tagger to a separate room for 15 seconds and then it spawns then in the game so they can seek

Life cycle triggers on start. Wire to a relay with a target audience of one random person. Game start-> trigger relay. Wire said relay to a team switcher. Relay triggers → switch team. Have a spawn pad for that team in a blocked-off room. Put a teleporter down. Also, put a wire repeater down. Wire the relay to the wire repeater. Relay triggers → Continue wire signal. Wire the wire repeater to the teleporter. Continue wire signal → teleport player here. Tell me if there are any issues.

Make 2 teams, and set up a room for the taggers to start in. (using a spawn pad with 2 different teams). Get a life cycle device and set it to start of the game then link it to a wire repeater that has 15 seconds. Put a barrier at the entrance to the room. So, 15 seconds after the start of the game the barrier will disappear and the taggers can roam freely.

Can you try to do it in a little more detail. I’m still a little confused?

Sure, what are you confused about?

If you’re using a guide like this. Then when the event for the game start happens, preferably use a lifecycle, trigger a relay (for the taggers team) that is wired to a teleporter [relay triggered → teleport player here]. The teleporter is in the room that the taggers stay in for 15 seconds. wire that same teleporter to a wire repeater with a delay of 15.0 seconds [player teleported here → repeat wire pulse]. Finally, wire the wire repeater to a different teleporter in the main map where the hiders are [wire pulse repeated → teleport players here]. That should work.


Nothing I figured it out thankyou

if you figured it out, mark a solution to close the topic.

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It didnt work. I did what they said and it wont respawn the tagger in a different area. Is there something else? Or did I mess up?

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