How do i modify this setting of a sentry?

I wanna make a sentry where it doesn’t use a gadget. It just lets you eliminate them. How?

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what i did is i put a sentry on my team, and then put a damagable cardboard box prop behind it.
when the prop is destroyed, the sentry deactivates

But if the sentry is on your team, it won’t let you damage them.

yes, but the box behind them is damageable, and if you make the box about as big as the sentry, then you wire the two together, so that when the box is destroyed, the sentry is disabled

it acts like the sentry

Though, how do you make it so another sentry comes after the sentry deactivates?

like when the sentry respawns?

No, i said another sentry spawns in.

you are confusing me

Okay, basically like when the sentry gets deactivated, another sentry spawns in but not in the spot as the sentry who got deactivated

oh, ok, you would do that by putting a wire from the box to a deactivated sentry with another box behind it, ect. when the prop is destroyed, activate the sentry

Can you show me a screenshot? I don’t understand

Screenshot 2023-06-06 16.08.40

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are the pictures helping

I’m currently doing it

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Testing it


It worked! Thanks for helping me!