How do i make voting? (like in trust no one or among us)

how do i make a voting system that teleports all player to a location and vote to kick out a player which turns into a spectator (ghost)

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  1. Add a repeater that only activates once the voting starts and is deactivated once the meeting ends, this repeater should activate every 30s (or however long you want the meeting to be)

  2. Have however many properties you want for the number of players

  3. Add some buttons or an overlay that changes the values of the properties using triggers

  4. Have the repeater activate a trigger that checks the values of the properties, whatever one is highest it sends a specific channel signal that swaps that player’s team to a spectator.

I have not made such a system before so this is mostly theoretical, others might have a more optimized system.


ok thanks! i will see if this works.


@Wumpus how would you find the highest property? with a trigger that has block code?

More importantly, how would you have players vote?