How do I make this kind of a message? [resolved because no one was answering]

I’m trying to make a message that’s like one way out “remember my roots” message, that’s like in order. Like when you press next, it goes to the next page. How?


Bumping again because no one is answering

I dont know what you mean.

Maybe use the banner popup for the message, and a button popup in the bottom right that appears with the banner, and when you press it it changes to a different banner


read the topic under this topic please

where can i get links to other maps

@William what do you mean by that?

I want to know if any one has a answer

you mean it pops up on the bottom?
Because then you just click the popup and select banner in style.

Try doing a series of buttons. After you press one, it deactivates, and the next one activates. After you press said button, that one deactivates, and the next one deactivates. At the end of the buttons, then the last one can activate the first button to start the cycle over again.

@LxmasHaxTakis Connect a wire to another pop-up and it goes “when pop-up closed” “Open pop-up” Is that what you were looking for?

That’s what I said earlier

Yes, that’s what i need.

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