How do I make the trigger put the triggering player's name into the property?

I’m having a little trouble with this. I have my blocks on the trigger set to Set Property = winner and value = Triggering player’s name. But for some reason, I can’t get it to show the player’s name at the end of the screen. All it says is "Winner: " and the rest is blank. Sorry if i’m not explaining this well, but does anyone know what could be wrong?

Did the trigger activate? What channel is it receiving on? (Or wire)

I have a button that ends the game when pressed, and I have it wired so that when the button is pressed, it activates the trigger.

Put a wire repeater from the button to end game. Have the delay be one sec.

Your problem you are having is the code doesn’t have time to do it because it ends the game before it can.

Was going to put something else for “do it”, but it didn’t let me.

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I think that the game ends before that block executes. To fix this, you need to make a broadcast tot he end game device at then end of the blocks, after you sett he property.

Sorry, I’ve never used a wire repeater before. Do I wire the button to the wire repeater and then wire the wire repeater to the end game?

Yes, you wire the thing that triggers first, all the way to the thing you want it to trigger. Kinda like transmit on channel and trigger when receiving on.

It’s called AUO, did you wire the button to the end game device first?

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Yeah, I think so, but how do I get the wire repeater to work? (Sorry, I’m new at this)

The wire repeater is literally the simplistic device in GKC.
It receives wire pulses, filters it through which team can activate it, and can delay the pulse.
It outputs through a wire pulse.
It’s much more simple to understand than AUO.
Simpler to understand.
Takes up more memory (10 memory for the device and 10 memory for each wire)

It’s memory efficient to use AUO instead.

Still don’t understand?
Search for it using this Guide:

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