How do I make the End of Game Widget show who won?

Um, yeah. I want to know how to make it show the name of the winner.

You set the name of the winner to a property, then set the widget to display that property.


But, how?
Could you show me?

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Set a text property’s value to the triggering player’s name
put those blocks in a trigger or something and connect the win condition (ex. pressing a button) to the trigger
and make the end game widget update said property

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Whoever triggers the win condition will trigger block code that sets the property to the triggering players name.

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I, dont understand. sory.

Just try to figure it out yourself. You should try to do that before you ask other people, really. That way, you can help more people later because you understand better.

Just try to use what we said to do it. You are a regular, which is supposed to mean that you know things.

I did try, for like, an hour!

if he is asking that means he cant do it on his own

You can use this guide,

Gimsolver asked yesterday if sentries can shoot through walls. He could easily figure out a lot of the things he asks.

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Wait, what device is that?

A trigger. Technically, a notification should be used, due to memory.

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It’s a trigger that gets triggered when the win condition is met.
Did you not read my other post?

Also, a notification will still work and you follow the exact same blockcode but I prefer triggers because of the aesthetics but a notification is more memory-efficient.

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Is something wrong? it doesn’t work.

we don’t know the device or wire settings, so we can’t tell

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Counter target reached → End Game
Counter target reached → Show ENd Game widget
Counter target reached → trigger
Trigger has the same blockcode that haiasi put.

AUO dictates that you should wire the counter to the trigger, then the counter to the end game widget, then the counter to the end game. Otherwise, the game will just end.

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twice? how?

Typo. Edited to be right.