How do I make the End of Game Widget show who won?

how would the wiring time change anything?

The thing wired first goes off first.

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AUO runs events in the order they were done.
If you wire the counter to the end game and the trigger after, the game will end before the trigger runs the blockcode and before the property is set to the triggering player’s name, leaving a blank leaderboard.



Stillshows this.

Then the trigger isn’t putting the triggering player into the property.

Did you make sure to wire that before you activate the widget and end the game?

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I did the trigger first, then the widget then the end game.

What setting do I put for the property and the trigger?

It’s only the block code that Haiasi put in.

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What abotut eh property?

no settings besides making it a text property

The way I did it in GK8 is as follows:

  1. Set a property to the full message you want to show up.


  1. Have the end of game notification display that property!






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It looks crazy because the message I want to send is huge. And because I’m a perfectionist, the full block code looks like this:

For a message that looks like this:


I don’t need time. I just want it to show who won.

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