How do i make so there has different nights in my fnaf game

So my trending game is good but they are asking me to make more nights and i don’t know how to make that

you can make different areas, but I would have to see the game first. could you tell me what to type in to gimkit creative?

one night at spydecraft’s

if you run out of storage you could make another game with more nights and tell them about it in your first one so you don’t lose you players

no i still have storage.

then you can not make the map with no storage plus keep it one night if its one night at spydercraft’s
don’t always go with the crowd

I’m going offline just so u know

so then how did you make the first few nights (if that sounded mean its not I will prove it with this smiley face :slight_smile: )

my limit is just to make five nights

can you bypass that limit some how this could be helpful @Spydecraft245

no i tried and i am trying to make it so there is different nights

I found your map. I am going to play it

what is the map :slight_smile: .

five nights at spydecraft’s

ok thanks I’m going to try it :slight_smile:

and do it with morethan one player and less than 6

oh never mind I have no friends :smiling_face_with_tear:

You could try this:

I just found it was pretty helpful, and has a little bit on day/night.

does it have friend to play with