How do I make movement acceleration?

I want to make it so you go faster and faster when you move.

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You need a step counter and concatenation, along with a hefty ton of speed modifiers. Do you want more details?

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Yes, I want more details

Every time you buy te upgrade, you sould add an item to your inventory.

Connect an IIM to tat item, and connect it to a property.

Connect a trigger to te vending macine, and wire it like tis:

(Item bougt → trigger)

In te trigger code, broadcast on cannel make text: get property X.

Ten place down a speed modifier tat activates on eac possible cannel.

Ope tis elps!

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No, I want to make it so that you move faster as you walk

Make a step counter then for each time it goes up add speed to you Character

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Ten replace te vemnding macine wit a repeater, trigger and a item granter.

Every tick, increase te amount of item by one, and use te trigger to broadcast on cannel (make text: Get property X).

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Yeah. Add a step counter and use concatenation and channels to modify speed.


Ten fill out every cannel wit speed modifiers.

here How to make a stamina system, Difficulty: (🟩)
@Here_to_help simplified it in the comments. Mark this as a solution if it works.

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Yes. I used that in my abandoned racing map.

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Just too tedious.

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