How do I make laser beams appear when someone's in a certain zone but get deactivated every now and then

well for mine the laser will activate when ever a player enters the zone but you can fix that with a counter loop

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this is a counter loop

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I just need something where when you enter the final stage, laser beams will come onto trap you but will be deactivated every now and then.

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R those going to be activate and unactivated?

i dont get your question
from what i understand (sorry for no pictures):

  1. to make the lasers appear, link the zone to the lasers: “Player enters zone” → “Activate laser”
  2. for the deactivation, link sentries to the lasers: “sentry killed” → “deactivate laser”
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use my guide
on and off lasers made easy
and replace the lifecycle with a zone
player enters zone > start repeater
and wire your sentry to the repeaters
sentry knocked out > stop repeater

Please mark a solution when you find one.

Sadly, I haven’t found one.

Oh. did mine not work. (tell me where it went wrong so I can fix it.)

WHat I need is lasers that appear when you reach the final boss arena but will deactivate and reactive every few seconds so you can move.

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SO like a laser grid that traps you in certain parts of the arena and deactivates so you can move around to defeat the boss?

Exactly! Just, if you want to move, you can, you just get hurt.
How do I make sure that these will deactivate at times?

You can use a system of wire repeaters with delays. For instance, the first wire repeater is triggered by walking into a zone. That wire repeater is connected to some lasers to activate them. It is also connected to another wire repeater that deactivates the lasers that were previously activated, activates new lasers, and triggers another wire repeater. Repeat this until you are satisfied with your sequence, then you can connect the last wire repeater to the first wire repeater. The delays in the wire repeaters determine how long they wait before sending the wire signals, so use that to time the attacks.

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I’m ba at reading, could you add some pictures?

(sry no pictures)
Assume there is a row of lasers named laser 1, laser 2, etc.
Make two laser beam managers with the group names called “oddlasers” and “evenlasers”
Add every odd number laser to “oddlasers” group (ex: laser 1, laser 3, laser 5, and so on)
Add every even number laser to “evenlasers” group
Add two repeaters
On one repeater, set “task interval” to “1 second” or whatever interval you want your laser beam to flicker. Wire it to the oddlasers laser manager: “repeater runs task” → “activate managed lasers”
Wire it to the evenlasers laser manager as well: “repeater runs task” → “deactivate managed lasers”
On the other repeater, set “task interval” to your choice. Wire it to the oddlasers laser manager: “repeater runs task” → “deactivate lasers”
Wire it to the evenlasers laser manager: “repeater runs task” → “activate lasers”

Part 2:
Add a wire repeater
wire the first repeater to the wire repeater: “repeater runs task” → “repeat wire pulse”
Wire the wire repeater to the second repeater: “Wire pulse recieved” → “start repeater”
Go to the wire repeater settings. Set the “delay” to half of your repeater task interval time.
Add a zone. Wire the zone to your first repeater: “Player enters zone” → “start repeater”

and now you’re done!

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Words are a lot easier to understand than this, sorry. But that’s the general idea, the wire repeaters are in a sequence that activate/deactivate lasers.

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Could you write the directions? All I need are simple directions with pictures.

I’m on mobile now, but I’ll try to be descriptive.

1: Place wire repeaters.

2: Wire a wire repeater to another wire repeater.

3: Also wire it to lasers to activate them.

4: Click on the wire repeater. In the “delay” setting, set it to the amount of seconds before the boss attacks again (this is your choice)

5: Repeat steps 2-4, but for the wire repeater you wired the first one too.

6: Wire it to the lasers you previously wired the first wire repeater to.

7: Repeat the steps.

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Did you see my last post?