How do I make laser beams appear when someone's in a certain zone but get deactivated every now and then

This is what needed, but do I have to repeat the steps for every laser?

Also, how many wire repeaters do I need.

Yes, I did but I don’t know what to put for time to run, because as of now, it doesn’t work.

I was talking about this one

That is not helpful. I need more than that. That just shows me 2 things.

It really doesn’t matter if it ends when the boss is killed. I just need lasers that come on and off every now and then.

it has a link to a guide about on and of lasers

Exactly! I went on the guide and it didn’t work. I need to know how long the “Time to Run” is.

So each wire repeater is like a different move in a boss battle sequence. The wire repeater triggers and deactivates certain lasers. You repeat the steps for however many wire repeater (aka moves) you want the boss to have.

What?! NO! I don’t need “Boss Attacks”. This is a stage hazard.

Nevermind, I found the solution.

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