How do I make knockout managers only apply to one sentry?

ok so um. i want my sentries to have a chance of dropping an item. i realized you could do this by setting up knock out managers which worked until i realized it would make every single sentry have the chance. i tried setting the sentry’s to active the knock out manager on knockout but that just made it so the knock out manager didn’t work at all (tried with 100% drop rate) .pls help

you can have the sentry drop item in settings of that practitioner one
if you want a target then add a counter and have it increment when knocked out then have a target

Welcome to the forums @OrangeBike! I think you need to go into channels for that

sentry knocked out → grant item

don’t forget to read the FAQ and welcome

All it is is just a random chance? Well, if you need a randomizer (Sorry if it’s kind of complicated), you might want the == The Ultimate Randomizer Guide == (Difficulty: :green_square:).
Then, the random choice is a channel that grants the item, so
Sentry Knocked Out → Trigger

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sentry knock out, trigger rng trigger, then if rng trigger equal yes, then give item

hey could you explain this in more detail I don’t rlly understand some of the gimkit stuff

I tried that on the knock out manager but it applied to every single sentry

no just that single sentry. there is a wire option.

It didn’t work when I tried it.

show me the wire you did.

ok I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong can you show me the set up you have for yours to work

i cant take pictures right now, unfortunately.
very detailed steps though:

  1. get a sentry and an item granter.
  2. configure the settings for both devices the way you want it.
  3. press z or go to the edit tab and click wires.
  4. click on the sentry 1st and then click on the item granter 2nd.
  5. set the wire to [sentry knocked out → grant item]
  6. you’re done

yes but that just makes it so there’s an 100% chance for the item to drop, it want it to have it be random wether the sentry drops it or not

then make a randomizer in a trigger.
for the wire make it this instead: sentry knocked out → trigger trigger.
then have the item granter grant the item when receiving on channel “drop”.
go to the blocks tab for the trigger and create a new block.
make a variable called “drop chance”.
set the variable drop chance to random integer 1 to x*. *x = whatever you want the drop chance. [1]
Now get an if block attached to an equal block. The equal block inputs are if variable drop chance = 1. Put a broadcast message on channel in the if block. The channel you will broadcast on is channel “drop”.
all done!

  1. Some basic math: if it’s 1 to 10 then there is a 10% chance to drop. if it’s 1 to 25 then it’s a 4% chance. ↩︎

could you send a pic of the blocks

I cant currently but here:
set variable drop chance to random integer 1 to 10
if variable drop chance = 1
do broadcast message on channel “drop”

I can wait until you can send pictures cus umm I really don’t understand what that means at all

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ok. at 12 something pm pst time I’ll pull 'em up