How do I make knock out sentry to rank like one way out

So I made knock-out players to rank on the leader board but how about Sentrys how do I make them knock-out to rank?

?? If you are talking about the leaderboard, sentries can’t be on the leaderboard. Please tell me how this would work.

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Like I mean that how do you knock out a sentry to get to first place?

like snowbrawl but the players are the sentry knock them out to rank in the leader board.

No. Please rephrase what you are asking because I don’t understand.

As in you score when you kill a sentry?

Yes. that’s what I mean.

  1. In that case, make the sentry transmit on channel when killed.

  2. Make an item granter to grant cash when receiving on the channel. (Same channel, exact same words)

  3. Set up the leaderboard to be ranked on cash.

  4. You’re done!

Thanks! for letting me do that.

People who want to see my one way out 2 click on this.

Click gimkit and put down this pin: 52735461

wait don’t click the link it does not work.

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Btw codes aren’t allowed on this forum. This helps people seeking help as their questions won’t be buried under a pile of game codes.

Yeah, it does buried me in coding I try but it just buried me more.

Wait do you mean coding blocks or the j0in codes? If you mean the coding blocks, I was talking about how game codes aren’t allowed so people asking for help don’t get drowned out by people asking others to play their game.

I don’t know. coding I could not find it.

No, what I mean is are you talking about coding or sharing game codes?

I still don’t know. My mind is breaking.