How do I make it when a player touches a button it gives them a role

I really don’t know how to do this and its a big part in my game so if I could get any help that would be great

Button->wire->item granter (grant whatever item the role has)
Then after that repeat the Button->wire
but this time instead of an item granter use a damage boost or speed Modifier depending on what a person’s role is.

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I have a question, I have certain roles and I want a widget to come up telling the player what role they got

An end of game widget? You can only do that at the end of the game
Instead try button → pop-up
and but whatever role the player is getting on the notification.
@Charlee try this

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like I mean a pop-up in the game when a player touches a button sorry for the confusion

Good news!
A pop-up device exists!
Just wire the button to the pop-up and edit its appearance!

Button Pressed > Show Overlay

Touches a button or presses a button?

ok but rude…Im new and I don’t know alot

presses a button. Why?

1 question how do I make the popups random if you press 1 button I have 20 popups

how do I make the popups random

when popup receives on channel “” it shows.

Thank you so much out of everyone that’s the 1 thing that’s helps thank you

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