How do I make it were when you get knocked out a big banner pops up and tells you who killed you?

Kinda like this

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ALso, use a knockout manager, and when player knockout —> notification/ popup
After you do this, wait a sec, and I will give u the block code

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remember to read:
and for this:
How to make a LIVE player counter 🟨

thanks I’ll check it out :smiley:

Umm, so I am a bit stumped, because what happens is Bob knocks out jim, but bob gets the popup. Any ideas how to do this?

Uhh, @THEHACKER120 that is not what they are askingg…

oh… well its kind of like that… I think…

Oh wait NVM it isn’t
here I’ll give you info 'bout this in a sec…

A live player counter counts how many players are in a game,
what they are asking, is if bob kills jim, then jim gets a popup saying bob killed u

Ok, so read the comment I replied to and see if you know what to do, because relays don’t work either…

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Sry @_Lightning everything I tried doens’t work… I’m not good with this stuff…

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So you want the killer (bob) to be displayed on a popup for the killed (dave). To do this the killer will have to update a popup and then the killed will have to open in.

Have the popup in block code set its text to triggering players name + other text when receiving on “player killed”. Now get a lifecycle that runs on player knocks out and broadcasts on “player killed.”

Now in the popup gave the popup open on “got killed.” Now get a lifecycle the runs on player knocked out and have it broadcast on “got killed”.

This should work


Yeah! Basically when player killed, make it so it sends a channel to some notifications, which house block code like this.

Set notification: Create text Triggering players name + has gotten you out!

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Maybe you’ll get it sometime.

Also this system can bug if multiple players are killed in a close period if time

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I don’t think so.

Make it so it’s not global, and only the player that died.

But yeah, maybe I’ll get it sometime. :frowning:

That won’t work just by itself. They would have to have an independent trigger and property for it to be foolproof


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