How do I make it to where all the players need to be in one spot to move on?

I explained everything in the title and I also couldn’t find a previously made topic about this.

sry bro just used up my last brain cell

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A zone, have a zone and a counter the counters target is how many players required, when a player steps in the zone the counter increases and when someone steps out it decreases.

It’s okay. If you know of a Guide that I missed or if you know somebody that knows how ping them.

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Want me to go into more detail?

Okay great. Thanks a lot.

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Uhhh let me try and I’ll let you know if you do.

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you got to it before i could.

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Okay, @ThatGim, it worked, but I want the counters target value to be how many people are in the game

It’s in the setting called “target value” have starting value at 0 and target the amount of players needed to progress.

@ThatGim So I’m making a backrooms map and if you’re familiar with it, you need all the players that are alive to be in one spot to move to the next level. That’s what i’m trying to do.

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Oh, so that means if you use my method it would require the players who are dead to. Gimme a minute to think of a new solution.

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How many player is the game going to start with?

I’m stumped, I know exactly how to do it but just not how to implement it into the game, if someone could allow me to explain it to them then they try and put it into gimkit.

I don’t know how many will be in the game that’s the problem.

use a live player counter have it update a property and use a checker to check the property when a player enters a zone

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How do I make a the live player counter?

This link right here.