How do I make it to when u die by a sentry you will be teleported to somewhere other that the spawn pad

That dosnt mean use checkpoints

Knockout Manager->Teleporter
When Player knocked out, teleport here


OMG TYSM This will help alot thx

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it didnt work can You add pictures or go in to deep explination cause I did what U said but when I tested it out I died ok ok then respawned back where I was before I didnt teleport

I can help you just give me a minute.

So have a knockout manager wired to either a teleporter or spawn pad with the settings of knocked out spawn/teleport here.

Or i’m wrong ( I have not played gimkit in a while)

Ok please find out then let me know Thx

Over the original spawn pad, place a zone. Place down a trigger. In the trigger, set it to unactivated on game start. When someone enters the zone, have it send a wire signal to 2 different wire repeaters. Have one delay the signal by .1 seconds. That wire repeater will be known as A. The other one will be known as B. Wire A to the trigger. Wire repeater → activate trigger. For B, wire that to the zone. Wire repeater → trigger the trigger. The trigger must be player-scoped for this to work. Then, wire the trigger to the teleporter. Trigger triggered → teleport player here.

The knockout manager explained by various users above should have worked, just make sure the ‘entity’ is set to sentry.

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