How do I make it so you respawn somewhere specific?

I want to make it so you spawn in a holding cell when you get KOd


You can have a team switcher that changes your team when you get knocked out, then put a respawn point with that team only in the cell.

No I want them to stay on their team

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You can have a trigger that changes them back to their original team in the cell

Show me how. Pretty Please

  1. The knockout manager should be detecting players and should be wired to a team switcher that changes your team to another one
  2. Have a respawn point in the cell that is only for that team
  3. Put a trigger inside the cell connected to a team switcher, the player when they step on the trigger will have their team changed to their original one
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nobody asked if you want to be annoying then don’t even talk

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I understand this, but then you will respawn back at the original team spawner. I am also looking for a solution to this problem.

have a knockout manager and a teleporter, so when player gets knocked out> teleport player here

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