How do i make it so when you close a dialouge you resspawn and then ur teleported to another place

You can do this using the call-to-action buttons in a popup.
There should be options in the popup.

For one example of a dialogue, type in what you want to be one of the options, such as

  • :left_speech_bubble: “Let’s go check it out…”
    Then, wire the popup to the teleporter where this event happens.
    Primary call to action clicked < teleport player here.

Then, for the other, put in what you want for the other options.

  • :left_speech_bubble: “No, let’s go this way!”
    Then, again, wire the popup to another teleporter where this event happens.
    Secondary call to action clicked < teleport player here.

For respawning…

  • Use a trigger with a delay of one second, for example.
  • Then, wire the trigger to the respawn device. When triggered < respawn player.
  • Next, use the respawn device. Wire it to the teleporter. Player respawns teleport < player here.

If you don’t get this, it’d be easier if you do it in a way you think is right.

There is still a few things to work out but i did it with the trigger and call to action thing

thanks ya’ll for helping me

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