How do i make it so when you close a dialouge you resspawn and then ur teleported to another place

cuz i’ve seen people do that in gkc

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When you press the button (this could be in a myriad of devices), activate a checkpoint.

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popup (closed) -> teleporter (teleport here)

Popup (closed) -> respawn (respawn player)

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i dont know how to javascript or whatever that is

This isn’t javascript. This is Gimkit devices.
The arrows “->” indicate wires in gimkit creative

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well can u like give me a description or something cuz thats confusing

That WOULD move them by respawning them, yes. However, this won’t move them to a NEW location, just their last respawn point.

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When you wire a device, you see a menu interface that looks like this, right?

So wire a popup to a teleporter, click on the option on the left that says “popup closed”, then press the option on the right that says teleport here.

(Yeah what Navy said)


u see i tried that but its not working

Screenshot 2024-03-31 9.40.32 PM


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Can you send a screenshot of your wire setting?


ya hold on one second

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here it is im so confused

The respawn overrides the teleport. What is the respawn thing for?

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for like when u respawn ur at another area