How do i make it so when a bed is destroyed that teams can no longer respawn?

I need some help with Bedwars game mechanics.

bedwars is only for guides


Counter, value reached, activate knockout manager and team switcher.
(If you want me to elaborate or explain you can ask.)

Can you allaborate @Crimson_Knight?

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Yeah, give me a sec I will edit this post:
Basically you set the counter’s starting value to 1 and it’s target value to 0, then you wire it to the bed, prop destroyed - Decrement value. Then place down a Knockout manager that isn’t activated on start, wire the counter to that, target value reached - activate. Then, place down a team switcher, that switches player to spectator, wire te=he knockout manager to the team switcher.


Maybe you can try restarting the software or get help with the experts to help.

Yeah, I agree with you.

Post is edited, hopefully it helped.

Ok thanks! @Crimson_Knight

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