Bed system in bedwars

are you still there?

Yes I am working on it on a map.

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i really need help here


I’m making a guide on it.

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when your done post it here

Once you have the prop make it damagable and add a property(name it whatever you want but just so you know I named it Bed ok?) and set it to a number as its type. Next connect the “bed” to a trigger with a wire and put Prop destroyed ----> trigger. Once you got that go towards the blocks section in the trigger and press when triggered… and put these blocks:

Next add a KO manager device to check for when a player is knocked out and wire it to a checker. Once wired set the wire like this: Target knocked out —> run check. Now for the settings of the checker; set them like so:

Now wire it to a respawn player device and set up the wire like so: Check passes —> respawn player. Finally wire the Checker to a team switcher device and set the wire like so: Check fails —> switch team to configured team(which is the specators team).

Does this make sense?

Follow @VALUEX’s post if that made sense, but if you don’t want to use properties or blocks, follow my guide:

oh thanks yes it does but it might be a bit hard for me to do XD im so bad at gimkit

Oh wait, checkers often bug when checking the value of a property. Just letting you know.


Hmmm…good to know…I didn’t know before.

oh ok thats good to know i might just go with @VALUEX then

Oh well then use @Im_Pretty_Cool idea.

wat wait what

Oh yeah, if you want to build a item dropper, use this:

marked it

thx though i already made that C:

Oh k!

Wait, I have a better solution. Place a lifecycle, a trigger, and a team switcher. The team switcher should switch you to spectator.

The trigger should be deactivated on game start, and have a scope of team. The lifecycle should have the event “Player knocked out”. Wire it to the trigger, and wire the trigger to the team switcher. When the bed is destroyed, activate the trigger.

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