How do i make it so the sentry doesn't have the zapper?

how do i make it so the sentry doesn’t have the zapper?

It looks like this:


I want it so you cant see the zapper
(And the sentry is on our team)

As of right now we cannot take gadgets away from sentries
But, You could put a prop right in front of it.

yea but when i play other peoples map on gimkit the sentry doesn’t have a gadget

This help It’s so it won’t shoot. Let me check on the zapper. Here. Hopefully this works.

They probably have a barrier over the sentry

how do you do that

with the barrier

( if you know can you screenshot it )

either put the sentry on the same team as the player or cover the sentry in a barrier that is not visible in game

can you screenshot a pic @Foxy
i dont get it that much

pls help i need help

The barrier makes it so that the sentry can’t shoot but still shows the gadget. Covering it with a prop would be the best option. (At least I think so)

If don’t want the sentry to shoot you can put a zone around it and make the zone have a no shooting property. You can also click on options for the sentry and there should be something that says change weapon

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sentries do not respond to devices

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no like the sentry has a zapper that the player can see like this:
but i dont want the zapper to be seen

put a prop over the zapper that’s all you can do

can you send me screenshot i dont get it

it’s just place a prop above the sentry where to gadget will be it’s not that complicated

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