How to make a neutral sentry

Credit to @Trasch for the idea for being able to fire at the sentry using a zone (but it doesn’t work)
And also credit to @Haiasi for suggesting adding a barrier on top of the sentry
Ok it works but it doesn’t look good so first, get 2 sentries and place them on top of each other next make one hide when the game starts like this
Screenshot 2023-12-29 6.16.47 PM
next make the other one you didn’t touch and make it have 1 health. Next when the sentry is killed make it broadcast something that activates the other sentry and make it so the barrier deactivates letting the sentry attack you. The sentry will be hostile when you hurt the sentry it will be eliminated and it will broadcast for the hostile sentry to appear Lastly, add a barrier put it on top of the sentry, make it tinier than the sentry and make it so the player can’t see it. There now you have a sentry that becomes hostile when you attack hope this helped :slight_smile:

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wait I made a mistake hold on edited: fixed it

maybe a zone with no gadget fire would work

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what? why do I need that

ಠ __ಠ
to make a sentry not fire at you
duh why else
just thought it would be a much simpler way to do it

then you wouldn’t be able to fire at the sentry

How is that a problem
whether you can fire at it or not, the method still works

wait I might need to delete this guide because you can’t fire at the sentry if it is on the same team as you

don’t worry its about how to make a sentry not shoot
not how to make a sentry that doesn’t shoot but you can also fire at it

??? what does that mean
my brain isn’t working

again, ಠ __ಠ

How to make a neutral sentry

it only says neutral sentry
it says nothing about shooting at it

Like I used a zone for NPC sentries
somebody might want to do that

wait you can make the zone small only the sentry wouldn’t be able to fire
I’ll add that

that was patched
zones used to be able to interact with sentries
try a zone with no gadget fire on a sentry

…But wouldn’t you not be able to fire?
also probably you should credit me for de idea
wait what

zones don’t work with sentries?

They used to, it was just patched.

thats very goofy
they really need to unpatch that or just add npcs

Bruh I guess there is no way to make a neutral sentry using my way

lol neither way I guess
so now my map prob don’t work