How do I make it so it drains energy only when it's in a zone?

I’m making my own map and I want it so it doesn’t drain energy when you are walking to the zone, only when you’re in the zone so you have to walk in circles and it’s “dancing”-ish.

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With a movement meter, right? Just activate it when player enters zone, and deactivates when player leaves zone.

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How do I make it activate only in the zone? I can’t figure it out.

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Player enters zone → activate. Player exits zone → deactivate.


Connect a repeater to a item granter that is set to remove the item that you want to drain from the player.

Like this when player enters zone → activate repeater
when player leaves zone → stop repeater

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There is a device called “zone” you can change the size in the bottom left

Use wires to do that

Grant item -n where n is the number of items that you want to subtract. Sorry, math

Okay, I’ve been trying so many different combinations with the movement meter, repeater, item granter and the zone and it isn’t working every time I try. Can someone please explain the order and what I have to do step by step like what to connect with what, how to decide when it starts and things like that? Please and thank you. This is my first map and my first time using this stuff

Add a zone. Set the scope to player (this basically makes all interactions separate for each player), and place a repeater. In the repeater settings, set the tick to the rate you want to drain it. Set it to deactivate on a channel and leave the channel blank. Place an item granter, and set it to grant negative (amount to subtract) energy. Now, wire the zone to the repeater. Player enters zone → start repeater. Place a wire repeater. Wire the zone to the wire repeater. Player leaves zone → repeat pulse. Wire the wire repeater to the repeater. Repeat pulse → end repeater. Wire the repeater (not wire repeater) to the item granter. Repeater runs task → grant item.
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Okay, thank you very much! Sorry for the trouble. How do I make it so that it removes every step you take?

Use a movement meter instead of the item granter

There is a wiring setting you can use to remove the item. Check “Item Granter”'s out put wirig. Make sure it is wired last.

What do you mean by

I’m just wondering so that I can help.

It works now once you enter the zone but it removes one, but I want it to remove another 1 every time I move.

Just use the movement meter as well! Wire it to the zone or just make it activate using channels.

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what do I do?

When I tried something it used the meter outside of the zone as well.

There is a setting to deactivate the movement meter, I believe. For the zone for the when player leaves zone transmit “player_left” just update the movement meter and make it deactivate when receiving on that channel.

Just use the movement meter as well! Wire it to the zone or just make it activate using channels.

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