How do I make fog?

Not like a sussy’s version, I tried making a fog area with a barrier but I can’t pick up anything (EX: Flags, weapons.) Does anybody have any ideas?

Use this tutorial Posion Fog but remove the kill techinques and wire the barriers (of the fog) to a another barrier covering the flags and item spawners. Also make sure the fog barriers collison is turned off and add a zone on the fog and turn on player drop on. That should work
Im too lazy to make it myself to show you lol

Hey @OnlyOG please don’t reply to help topics if you don’t know how to solve the problem or don’t have anything to give to help. It just creates clutter. Thank you

Thanks! DBDL is going to be sooo much better!!!

Your welcome!

Bro, I just realized I didn’t see the barrier collision off! Man I’m blind lol

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