How do i make death messages?

i don’t know how to make death messages

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A message on the game’s end, or after respawning?

i just want to make custom death messages for when a player dies, but not like a modal or banner.

well look up how to make a chat system and do the bonus
How to make an in-game chat system (Now with photos!) (WIP)


the bonus makes it pop up on the life feedback so I will go try to replicate what you want in gimkit

I am not done, and never will be done. I am leaving the forums, because nobody cares about my chat

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I do though ;( thats sad


i am very sorry to heaar that. please stay.

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so what kind of custom death messages


I cant help if you dont give me an answer

hold on give them a second, they might be afk.

as if they havent for like 30 mins ;-;

what did he say? im concerned now

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