How do I make colored text

Like in some gamemodes, the activity feed has a piece of colored text. I want to know how to do that

have you tried using the text device, you can change the color of it in all options

yeah, what do you use if you dont use the text device? i wanna know out of curiousity

i have no possible idea

i guess she/he wants to know how to do that as in they want to know cos they havent done text before

yeah you’re probably right

hold on @Razer

not supposed to be taken meanly trying to be helpful

and how do you change the font. Calibri is kind of lame.

I am actually talking about the server notifications in the bottom left when someone plants something.

be more specific, i dont know what


like in farmchain, when you plant something, everyone gets a notification

so you want the notification text to be colored

yes, especially if only 1 part is colored.

which device are you using

i am using a trigger

no, what device are you using for the text

i am using blocks. from the trigger.

This is where you change the font. It is under “look and behavior”

I couldn’t find text color, though.

Screenshot 2023-06-08 at 12.58.51 PM
I am trying to do this like in farmchain. I am using blocks, not pop up or text.

if you use the game overlay device instead of the trigger, you can change the background color, but not the text color. Otherwise, I am familiar in blocks for most devices, and i could dig deeper into the trigger blocks

ok. I am still trying to figure this out as well.