How do i make cameras?

I know there is a way to make cameras, but the guide that has that way doesn’t have any pictures, which annoys me.

So, i’m trying to find another way. Well, there is another way to make security cameras from another guide, but i can’t find it.

Bonus Question

How do i make it so if a player enters the cameras (by clicking a button), the cameras show that the cameras are active?

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Camera can rather be used in props or devices I think…

Camera prop - the thing below them shows. That’s unrealistic.

Camera device - It’s not used to be a security camera. It’s used to set the bounds of a player’s view.

Did you try checking in settings other then those?

Now i’m getting suspicious of you…


Just because you make text small doesn’t mean we can’t see it.

i know

We all know that not point of posting posts that are obvious

Well it’s still not okay to assume things.

On topic posts please.


camera? like a working camera that can have a picture being taken of?
i suppose the best way would be a button, (acting as the camera.) and when the button is pressed, it would teleport the player to an area that would simulate the photo that was taken.
the player would be hidden under something on the above layer.
sorry if i misunderstood the problem, im not totally sure on what you mean by camera. D:

@WhiteGod just a friendly heads up that you might not wanna ping people like that. some people get angry at getting pinged for dumb things (not saying they would, but i wouldn’t do that in the future.)

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No, not that: Like a security camera.
It’s okay if you didn’t understand.

oh, my bad!

what guide were you following?
also, maybe try checking the fnaf tag too? most fnaf-related guides have things on how to do the security cameras in FNaF.

I checked that tag, still…

There is no thing as a camera in GimKit so far

Unless you use what he said

huh, thats really weird.
i know theres gotta be things about cameras in haiasi’s guide, because that’s what i used to make cameras in my own fnaf game.
try checking there.

Everything is possible, though…

And yeah, true. But not that kind of camera, though.

I wish GKC was like finished and we don;t have to wait for all the updates

Yeah, but what he said is confusing about the cameras.