How do i make an obby

How do i make an only up map in gimkit because my friend want me to make it

what’s an ‘obby’

so you can jump on blocks and if you fall you die

what is an ‘obby’? I have no idea what that is

also, if you are asking how to make a game like don’t look down, that is not possible yet. we expect an update within a month or so

If you want to make a only up map, with like the full experience, with something similar to Roblox, currently, they have not added the platformer don’t look down, so you can’t really replicate it just yet. I’m pretty sure Josh is adding it soon though.

i dont think dld has been added in creative mode

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Parkour isn’t currently in gimkit creative

bro just searches up ‘obby’ and picks the first result

still, what is an obby

lol, a obby is a roblox reference that is a hopper, kill block, sort of deal.

i think it is short for obstacle course

Those guides have nothing to do with how to make an obby.

Don’t Look Down has not yet been added to gimkit creative. you could stimulate it though using (sorry if i say this wrong) 2d rendering! here is a guide that might help:

Like Parkour I think?