How do I make an area that heals a player to full health and shield?

(couldn’t find anything) I am making a battle royale where you run round and defeat things (duh) but I need a way to heal players at home base. how do I?

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maybe this will help

Good luck with your game it sounds fun!

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Just instead of a lifecycle do it so it triggers in a zone or something

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Make a health granter that grants the max amount of health and another one that grants the max amount of shield.


Just use a lifecycle, zone, and 2 health granters. Make the health granters start when the game starts, and they only work in the zone. Set one health granter to Health and the other to Shield, and make them give at their max.

If you wanted it to instantly regenerate, you could use multiple health granters.

I want to send the link to the project but I cant use the website name and I felt like adding a space but I don’t think that’s legal

You can’t send codes or publish links here anyway.

Just do it on the wixsite

Connect a zone to a health grant (this is fixed by now I think, but that is a suggestion)

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