How do i make a working ladder in platformer

Im making donkey kong and i need a ladder that the player can go up

one word: teleporters ._.

what are you making it in, platformer or top-down?

Um what do you think?
Screenshot 2024-05-03 2.50.49 PM

platformer, read the title

oh lmao my bad I’m b lind

anyway yeah use teleporters or just make gaps idk

yeah I skim read the title :cry:

also gimno0b doesn’t want to use teleporters, i am working with him, honestly i think teleporters are the best soloution

Just use grouped teleporters to bring the player upward gradually, with the groups in ascending order so that when you touch the base it takes you to the next one. Will be more efficient than with wires.

Ok thanks also be quiet @Ninja_Gecko7

thanks for saying this.

you cant make animation for the ladder (unless you want to spam teleporters )but it’s practically the same for platformer

okay i guess i will just say things to help

anyway, this post has been solved, no need to reply anymore, Idiocracy out.

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