How do I make a voting system like in among us?

How do I make a voting system like in among us?

Here is a link to a simplified version of it:

I also have an almost finished one.

Remember to mark a solution!

You gotta mark a solution

To clarify, solutions help de-clog the forum… is it also to incentivize helping?

It wasn’t a contest until the lightning dragon got 100+.

It’s so people know that you already used someone else’s, so they know that they don’t need to help you and can help someone else

Who’s second place for solutions? Because if I was in second place, the first place and second place people would have a difference of about 60 solutions.

It probably is you, unless someone decides to go ape and get 70 solutions in like ten seconds.

Or @LxmasHaxTakis figures everything out about life in 10 seconds and realizes it was only one person to answer all his questions.

i wanna be the first one to get solution institution

What’s solution institution?

150 solutions

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That’s not a badge. And if it was, you have a lot of ground to catch up.

It is a badge, and I suggested it to the devs, but they still haven’t added the solution badges:

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Those are so off-centered nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I don’t think they want solutions to become a competition. It already kind of is, but if there were badges on the line, it would be even crazier. Think about what would happen if “First Flag” wasn’t a badge.

It’s more of a friendly thing then something serious, but I get your point.

It would be cool for solution badges, but if it was added, people would just answer easy questions they already know to get marked as a solution so they can speedrun these badges.
Well, think about if Flag-Badges existed. Ban speedrunners would help.

That’s still a solution.