How do I make a trigger trigger every 5 seconds?

I am trying to make a trigger trigger every 5 seconds and it is not working

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This isn’t off topic, so you can remove that tag. What is your current set up?


I have a trigger wired to a repeater that has a 5-second delay, then the repeater is wired to the trigger

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How is the trigger triggered in the first place?


when it is triggered it will send wire pulse

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I meant what triggers the trigger for it to start running other than the wire repeater? If you don’t have something for that yet, make sure to connect a lifecycle to the trigger so it triggers when the game starts.


I have a vending machine

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May you send a screenshot of your whole set up for this?

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Here is a small tip for you. You could try using a trigger clock instead of a repeater to save on memory. In order to do this, all you need to do is have a trigger broadcast on channel “Loop” when triggered, and trigger when receiving on channel “Loop”, and putting a 5 second delay in between.


Short Guide: A guide to your types of repeaters ( 🟩)
Please Never Use Repeaters (and a guide on looping)

Thanks but (don’t ask why) I am trying to use memory in my map

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The trigger triggers a channel right? Just checking.

the area right in the middle

No, it is triggered on a wire

is it connected to the vending machine so when the thing is purchased it starts triggering every 5 seconds?

Wait, what does the trigger trigger other than the wire repeater? Does it have a channel that triggers something else? How did you figure out that the system isn’t working?

So it looks like your vending machine once purchased, will activate a trigger, which will then use a wire repeater to repeat the signal back to it?

yes it is connected to the vending machine

how do you know it isn’t triggering? when the trigger triggers, what is it triggering?

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yeah (just trying to get to 20 charachtorsblablabla)

A wire repeater cannot receive from a channel, you would need to connect the trigger directly to the wire repeater that leads to the laser manager.

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