How do I make a thingy (more in descirpition on what thingy is)

so when I timer ends a random player gets rewarded an item that is crucial to my gameplay idea which is so it starts off like farm-chain, player gets mysterious seed, then they go plant it at a space ship wreck, then evil plants grow and player becomoes on

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Do you know how to make a timer?

When the timer ends, use a relay (random player) → item granter.

Here’s a little timer thingy

He hasn’t answered a critical question that I need to know to be able to actually help. At least wait until they say “thank you”.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.

(still learning!)

uh just use a repeater

Who’s the top? That was my personal opinion on the matter, which is probably a little different than everyone else’s. Please don’t take what I say and apply it to everything. I am not that wise.

*Repeater → counter.

uh no that is for a visual but I know what I was syaing

You were saying to make a visual timer, just use a repeater?

no I was saying use a counter for a visual timer but without u dont need but I forgot that the counter is the best wa7 to store timer so

Hey guys, the topic already has a solution. You don’t need to post more replies unless it doesn’t work.

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K this is unrelated but am I allowed to make a comunity guide of my map has I work it out just has a shoing of the map (also I edited my thingy so I officaly have a website!!!)

Noice website!

also I saw somone else do this (if not allowed I dont want to snitch) so can I post a game and let person get onto help then delete or… no

You could but I would not suggest it due to the risk of being caught

@wingwave btw we aren’t using the resolved tag if the poster is active and they’ve marked it as a solution

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