How do I make a supply drop?

How would I make a supply drop where after a period of time a chest thing would drop in a random place and everyone would have an arrow pointing to it, and how would I make it to where it works?

try this

Random places are hard. Also, use the waypoint device to make an arrow. [1]

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this too.
Wait, random areas? uhh, you will need a randomizer, then when a random number is selected, it shows a sespifict chest

Welcome to the forums. Maybe you could have pre-set drops that are hidden from view, make 20-40 of them, you could have triggers connected to them with values set inside(block code) to make it random, and then a counter counting down from lets say 100, and once it reaches 0 make it activate the trigger, and the trigger could have a repeater hooked up to it making it slowly spawn in more drops? For the arrow use a waypoint like @Xa67 said


For the arrow you can use a waypoint, maybe set a timer so when the airdrop “lands” it appears and when a player collects it it deactivates. I wouldnt know how to do that though.

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