How do I make a sentry hidden? (resolved because there's no way to do it ;-;)

I’m trying to make it so a sentry gets hidden when the game starts, but i don’t know how. If anyone knows how, please help me with this.

that currently is not a feature

yeah its not a feture

u can just put a prop on it like moss
but then you would have aggressive moss…

Do you mean to have it deactivated or having it invisible but still able to attack players

I mean that it has to be invisible - won’t attack other players or you

You can go into its settings (it’s in all options) and there should be a setting to deactivate it when the game starts.

And I think it will still be invisible.

Didn’t work


What happened to the sentry? Was it still there?

Yeah, even though active on game start was “no”

Does the sentry still attack you?



I think this will answer your question

all you have to do is hook the sentry up to a teleporter or button

It works for me. Are you sure you enabled no in active on game start?

Nvm, i got it. It was a bug

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