How do I make a score system with an overlay?

I’m making a flappy bird game, and I want to keep track of how many times I’ve gone through the opening using a overlay.

do you want the score to update when the players passes through the pillars?


Use zones…
Whenever a person passes through a zone, increment a counter to keep their score…
You can deactivate zones, you know!

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Thanks, I’ll try that.

alright, so add triggers between the pillars and connect them to a counter and make it where when triggered increase the counter through channels or wires, and make that counter update a property (add a property device and name the score you want), and then on game settings under score make the leaderboard use property and select the name of the property you selected.

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Ok, thanks

if this works better or you want this idea mark that the solution.

You wanted to use an overlay…

It’s okay, thanks for the advice.

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if you are having trouble with doing that idea let me know I’m free rn lol

you could use a property system with the game overlay device to display the property, this would make a pretty neat overall that stays on your screen, then just make the zones or triggers update that property by 1 (using blocks)

you would also need a block to change the game overlay’s display to that property

Thanks for all the help.

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You are welcome! Here is some pictures for you
game overlay settings

game overlay block

property settings

zone settings (without anything to deactivate it)

trigger settings

trigger block

final result

please note that this is without any other code, just purely for the overlay system.
this is also for single player
hope this helps!

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