How Do I Make A Property That Tracks How Much A Player Has Of A Certain Item?

I’ve Already Made A Topic About It But It Doesn’t Work. I Need To Make A Property That Tracks An Amount Of A Certain Item But I Don’t Want It To See If A Player Has The Item. Any Help?

May I know what it will be used for? I may be able to find another way besides a property.

I’m Gonna Use It To Make A Multiplier That Gives Cash And Multiplies It By The Property, Like This: Cash (x4) X Blackberry (Property Name)

Connect an inventory item manager to a property.

I’m experimenting. I might not get something.

I Did. I Want It To See The Amount

Show the property in a game overlay, and multiply the property by however much you wanted.

Do I Hide The Overlay?

If you want to make it visible, then no. Also, do you want it so all players have their own?

Yes Please. Tell Me How.

Wire a lifecycle (game start) to a relay (all players) to the overlay. event occurs → relay relay → activate overlay


No. I Want Every Player To Have Their Own. Or Are You Right?

That shows it for everyone. I forgot to say the other part, thanks for reminding me. In the Property’s settings, there should be a setting named “Scope.” Set that to Player.

Let Me Cook, Ok? (Joke) Actually. I Mean Let Me Try That.

Wait, But How Do I Put The Property In The Overlay?

In a trigger’s (or whatever you want to use) blocks, use the “Create Text With” block and then “Get Property ____” to create what you desire.

This guide may help:

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One Capital Letter For Every Word Is very annoying. please.

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I tried. But it failed