How do I make a multi-item cost?

For what I am currently working on, I want a door that opens when you pay the cost of a gold keycard, a green keycard, a purple keycard, etc. I know I could do this by using a chain of vending machines, but that would make you lose a bunch and not open the door if you don’t have them all. How do I do this so that that doesn’t happen?

Use the checker and a button or use a crafting table. However, the crafting table can’t be layered.

oh i built this simple insteda of a button to open the door replace it with a vending machien

Crafting Tables! You can trigger channels using a crafting recipe too.

Bruh just use crafting tables :confused:

also use crafting recipes aswell

you can use a crafting table and crafting recipe device. Here is a guide on how to do that.

I don’t want to open a UI like with a crafting table/farmland or questioner. I want it to be like pressing a button and it opens the door.

You could just use crafting table groups, or use a checker that tracks an item that can activate or deactivate the vending machines.

If you set up the vending machines, you can use a checker or item tracker to activate or deactivate the vending machines.

What about this:
Button pressed → run checks

For each check passed → Increased counter

Counter settings:
Player scoped
Target number (however many checks you have)

Counter target reached → Unlock door

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I have no idea if this works