How do i make a moveable plane

NOTE: i had this in my dirft before i was banned and never had time to post it

how do i make a moveable/flyable plane?

Use triggers or wire repeaters to activate and deactivate props.
Use @WolfTechnology new guide for the design.
(Use the mini spaceship)

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Use this guide but make it a plane instead.

You use props, I would use metal poles, metal signs, and barriers, and hide and show them in different places. And you can use triggers to do so, just make sure the wire is activeate and deactivate. I can make a plane if you want?


idk that hard with no photo

You could also use this guide!

Just make sure you don’t add any towers with it!


actually that could work and pretty helpful


thanks haiasi and you other guys.


The basics are simple, use metal poles as the outline of your shape, then fil it in with 1.00 visbility barriers, color them how you like, then add cicle barriers as windows and use a metal sign triangle as the front window. Then use black circle barriers as the wheels and metal poles as the legs.

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