How do I make a in-game time where special events happen when its night

This would be super helpful but I’m not sure how to do it

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Make a timer with an extremely long tick that activates a 0.8 opacity barrier with no collision (your night), and activate something else!

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Thanks that’s really helpful!!!

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Two Ideas for when its night:
Zombie-like Enemies spawn for the night period.
Certain buildings “Close” meaning you can no longer access them again until it’s daytime.

do you know what the game flicker is?..

Are we switching the topic to talking about Flicker?
Yes, I do know but let’s not go off-topic.

I need to make it where all players cant see anything

all players or just certain players?
if you want it all players use a barrier with alpha 1.00 that is colored black. make it as large as possible and use multiple if needed.

then they can’t see da surroundings tho, maybe try a lower “alpha” like ClicClac said…

but she wanted it so players couldn’t see anything…
although ye that’s weird-ish.

no its not weird its for a game

i know. what was weird is that players can’t see anything. that would probably take away players liking the game if it’s covering the map for more than 5 secs or so…